IV Therapy & Blood Withdrawal Courses

Healthcare Provider Authorized Course

IV Therapy & Blood Withdrawal

3-day Course

IV Therapy & Blood Withdrawal

1-day Hands-On Skills for RNs & RN students 

Upon completion of this class the student, LVN, RN or other healthcare provider will have the knowledge, skills and ability to start and infuse intravenous fluids and withdraw blood.

Students will perform as many Blood Withdrawal and IV insertions on the mannikins as necessary until comfortable and confident, followed by 3 live Blood Withdrawals and 3 live IV insertions with classmates (or a proxy).

Course Description

  • IV & Blood Withdrawal methods, PICC lines, Central lines and IV pumps.
  • Includes review of human body anatomy & functions, electrolytes and fluids, IV solution concentrations, IV preparation, vein selection and live practice.
  • The course meets the requirements of the Board of Vocational Nursing and Psychiatric Technicians for Licensed Vocational Nurses to become certified in I.V. therapy and blood withdrawal.

Course Content

Theory Content

  • Business and Professions Code Requirements
  • Psychological preparation of the patient 
  • Universal precautions for infection control 
  • Intravenous Therapy
  • Indications for intravenous therapy
  • Types of venipuncture devices
  • Types of delivery systems
  • Types of intravenous fluids 
  • Preparation and immobilization of the venipuncture site 
  • Observation of the patient 
  • Regulation of the fluid flow 
  • Local and systemic reactions 

Clinical Content

  •    Students will perform a minimum of 3 blood withdrawals and 3 IV starts
  •    Methods of blood withdrawal
  •    Venipuncture 
  •    Skin puncture 
  •    Arterial puncture 
  •    Selection of appropriate method 
  •    Safety measures 
  •    Possible complications 
  •    Preparation of withdrawal sites 
  •    Preparation of equipment for intravenous therapy and blood withdrawal 
  •    Safety factors 
  •    Choice of vein 
  •    Choice of artery 
  •    Choice of device for intravenous therapy and blood withdrawal 
  •    Techniques of venipuncture 
  •    Techniques of arterial puncture
  •    Skin puncture practice
  •    Preparation of site 
  •    Preparation of equipment 
  •    Universal precautions for infection control 

Intended Audience

Course Completion


Certificate of Course Completion, Continuing Education and Certification (LVN’s & LVN Students)


Certificate of Course Completion (other Healthcare Providers)


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  • A K. AvatarA K.

    Needed NRP fast, I live in Santa Barbara and there wasn't anything available, It was very easy to sign up, super reasonable price, and low stress environment. It was worth the drive, I'll go there again!!! Highly recommend. - 2/24/2019 

  • Matthew S. AvatarMatthew S.

    David was a Great Instructor!Cal-Med training center is fantastic!!! - 11/24/2018 

  • tabby e. Avatartabby e.

    Both Margie and Mike are Very knowledgeable and friendly. - 10/24/2018 

  • Bruno C. AvatarBruno C.

    I should start by saying that Mike is an awesome instructor. He's very knowledgeable and really cares about his students. The EKG classes were fun and time went by so fast. Highly recommend to anyone Cal Med Training Center. - 2/24/2019 

  • Richard P. AvatarRichard P.

    Great, knowledgeable and friendly instructors with a variety of classes and certificates to take! - 10/24/2018 

  • Salvador H. AvatarSalvador H.

    Great experience. David made the class light and entertaining. He was able to cater to everyone's level of ecg knowledge. He even took some time to explain some rhythms to a participant of the class who was not familiar with them. I would gladly repeat the course with them again. - 3/03/2020 

  • Fermin A. AvatarFermin A.

    Venue and class size is very conducive for learning. Excellent materials for audio-visual and book learners. High professionalism of instructors. I just did my IV therapy and Blood Withdrawal Training with them and I am coming back on January 2019 for ACLS Training and certification. More power to my instructor and thank you! - 8/03/2019 

  • scott s. Avatarscott s.

    Great place to take a class. Low stress atmosphere and great teaching staff. Mike knows his stuff and makes the class relatable. - 10/24/2018 

  • Preet D. AvatarPreet D.

    Amazing Instructor Nava, David for ACLS.He was entertaining and kept the class laughing the whole time. I learned alot from this class. He is a "Paramedic" so he comes across what he is teaching you on daily basis almost. He made it really simple to understand. - 7/24/2019 

  • Bienne G. AvatarBienne G.

    I'm happy my aunt told me about CPR 3G. Now I'm getting back the knowledge, skills and confidence I need to pursue my nursing career. Thank you so very much, CPR 3G! 🙂 - 8/03/2018 

  • Teshi I. AvatarTeshi I.

    I took the IV-Blood Draw Course. The instructor Patty is Amazing! I really enjoyed the class and the time there. - 3/03/2020 

  • Anmol C. AvatarAnmol C.

    Mike is a great instructor. He is so knowledgeable and intelligent. Done ACLS and NRP with him and i am thinking to do other courses from his institution as well. - 5/24/2019 

  • Daniel B. AvatarDaniel B.

    Great learning experiences at California Medical Training Center. - 10/24/2018 

  • xader a. Avatarxader a.

    I just finish my ECG tech, OMG!!! these 2 good looking guy, Sage F. and MIke. @ thumbs up..Good job.I pass my exam. - 8/03/2018 

  • John B. AvatarJohn B.

    excellent... and always there when I need them! - 3/03/2020 

  • Charles H. AvatarCharles H.

    Great place to train for certifications and recertifications such as BLS, ACLS, PALS, etc. And it's a family business with 3 generations of experienced medical professionals. - 7/13/2020 

  • Richard P. AvatarRichard P.

    Great, knowledgeable and friendly instructors with a variety of classes and certificates to take! - 8/03/2019 

  • George A. AvatarGeorge A.

    I just finish my ECG tech, OMG!!! these 2 good looking guy, Sage F. and MIke. @ thumbs up..Good job.I pass my exam. - 10/24/2018 

  • Swati U. AvatarSwati U.

    Their customer service was excellent & efficient . Dealt with mike through email. Will look forward to booking in the future ! - 8/03/2019 

  • Gabi G. AvatarGabi G.

    Very friendly staff, clean classrooms and working equipment. Originally I was only looking for PALS and ACLS classes but ended up adding a basic ECG class cause their deal packages made it worth it. - 10/24/2018 

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